Cure for the Common Chair

Corrective exercise for common problems with the lower back and hips

at Life Time Athletic City Centre

A common chair, a modern affliction.

A common chair, a modern affliction.

From our earliest years we are forced to sit in a chair. The health issues caused by a sedentary lifestyle is a modern epidemic. Those issues include lower back pain, hip pain, and many other problems.

“The Cure for the Common Chair” is Michael’s program to correct the muscle imbalances that create and maintain pain and poor posture. First, trigger point therapy and stretching serve to soothe the overactive muscles. Then the under-active muscles are effectively stimulated to create permanent improvement in posture and function.

Michael presents this program in ongoing small group training classes. The group size is 3 to 6 people. It is offered weekly for a total of 4 times per month. The fee for attendance is $220, payable monthly in an auto-draft to Life Time Athletic City Centre. A minimum of a 3 month commitment is required to join.

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